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Principal Olvido (ZhaZha Queen) Ruiz Castellanos
Moderator Nelson Abraham
  • Amilcar Diaz Caballero
  • Ariocha Socarras Sierra
  • Edriel Cala Balsinde
  • Eduardo Tellez Tellez
  • Michel Regueira Cuza
  • Madeleine Calderon Oquendo
  • Olga Lidia Moreno Toledo
  • Rolando Perez Cantillo
  • Roselayn Boza Sanchez
  • Yaima Santana Galindo
  • Yanaisa Galvez Blanco
  • Yanet Garcia Carvajal


Music Supervisor Fred van Straten
MD, Piano & Keyboards Carlos Matos
Congas, Bata, percussion Nils Fischer
Drums Mark de Jong
Timbal, percussion Armando Vidal Sanchez
Bas Randy Winterdal
Trombone Kees Adolfsen
Sax, Flute &
Delbert Bernabela
Trompet Florian Sperzel
Lead & backing vocals
  • Nando Vanin
  • Cyrill (Yeye) Bernadina

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